A multi-year national health study needed a way to engage its young members and encourage them to participate.

Our solution

Hello Mamas

This social media startup needed to add new features to their online product, and expand internationally.

Our solution

GDD Consortium

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GDD needed to collect nutrition data from governments and researchers around the world – not an easy task.

Our solution

Key ingredients of a well-built web application

Our Laravel web developers work with the following principles in mind:

  • Scalability

    Your website must be able to grow with your business.

  • Security

    Preventing attacks is a core thing that we think about during our work.

  • Clean code

    Expertly planned and well-built systems are easier to maintain and upgrade.

  • Developer documentation

    This makes it easier for other developers to perform future updates.

  • User friendliness

    Your website is a pleasure to use, even on tablets and mobile devices.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that is simple, elegant, and well-documented. It is quickly becoming a popular platform that web developers use to build large-scale web applications that are secure, scalable and perform well. Learn more

World's best customers

From small startups to large institutions, our clients are diverse – but their projects are challenging and rewarding.

It’s possible to develop any web or mobile application in many different ways. Developers are constantly faced with decisions about how to structure their code or infrastructure, and it can be tempting to choose easy short-term solutions instead of the best overall strategies that can last for a long time. Read more

Ask any Laravel developer what they love about Laravel, and they’ll rattle off a large number of technical benefits: It’s powerful, it’s elegant, it adheres to modern coding standards, it’s well documented, etc. However, as more and more companies – including major enterprises – are adopting Laravel for custom web application development, what are their business justifications for doing so? I met Laravel’s creator, Taylor Otwell, at Lone Star PHP 2016 last month and interviewed him to get his thoughts on the business reasons for Laravel adoption. This post is a partial transcript of our interview.

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