We build websites... and so much more

We are experienced web developers and software engineers... and more. We're also technical strategists and problem solvers. Our approach is to deeply understand your business and operational needs so we can develop web applications that help your business grow. We specialize in:

  • Custom-built web applications: We build beautiful, flexible, high-performance web applications that are tailored to your business.
  • Top-to-bottom technical strategy: We work closely with our clients to identify how software can make your businesses run more efficiently and offer the right technical solution - whether an off-the-shelf application or custom-built software - that meets those needs.
  • Project rescue: It's easy to get lost with the huge number of software and technology options available today. If your web project is off the rails, our deep project management and engineering experience can help bring it back on track.

Our experience includes work across many aspects of modern business including logistics, inventory management, secure payment processing, and systems integrations. Over the past decade, we have successfully completed projects for companies and nonprofits, small and large, including HP, Bell Canada, SunGard, NIH and Harvard University.

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Our People

David Emerson

David EmersonFounder & Creative Director

David has over a decade of design, marketing, and web development experience. He has designed and directed software, website, and multimedia projects for large and small organizations across a variety of different sectors. When he's not parked in front of the keyboard, David enjoys kayaking along the New England coast, playing one of several musical instruments and spending quality time with his wife and three children.

Matthew Malinowski

Matthew MalinowskiDirector of Technical Strategy

Matt has a decade of wide-ranging experience, including running a successful freelance web design and development business. Matt combines honed technical abilities with a love of clear communication, and he leaves a trail of happy clients and busy developers in his wake. Matt is a keen bug hunter, and he also writes a fair paragraph of content. Matt likes riding bicycles, hiking, and planning adventures with Caitlin, his tandem partner.

Elena Fisher

Elena FisherProject Manager

Elena has more than seven years of diverse experience in people and project management. With a background in library science, volunteer management, and information systems, she has developed a strong sense of organization and communication. This is a good thing, given the fact that Elena is the public face of Emerson Media and ensures that our clients get the service they need! In her spare time, Elena enjoys geocaching, solving puzzles, and hiking.

Cole Parker

Cole ParkerTechnical Project Manager

Cole has worked in a variety of roles in software engineering and project management over the past 15 years. As a technical project manager, Cole translates our clients' needs into technical requirements for our developers, and ensures that their web applications are developed with a high level of quality. Cole enjoys spending time with his wife and son and playing a relaxing round of disc-golf. An avid gardener, Cole has developed into a bit of an amateur farmer over the past few years.

Diego Caprioli

Diego CaprioliSenior Software Engineer

Diego is an accomplished software guru, with programming experience that dates back to 1998 – a nearly prehistoric time in the internet age. A natural team leader, Diego has planned and directed large-scale web development projects for Toyota, General Electric, and other major corporations. In his spare time, Diego teaches software and database design at his local university and enjoys traveling and outdoor pursuits.

Daniel LaBarge

Daniel LaBargeSenior Software & Interface Engineer

Daniel is a multi-talented engineer who has designed and developed web applications for more than eight years. His software development skills are diverse – and his graphic design background gives Emerson Media an advantage in not only developing websites and custom applications but also designing the user experience. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys teaching mathematics, mentoring young creatives, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Daniel Leonov

Daniel LeonovSenior Software Engineer

For the past 13 years, Daniel has worked as a software developer for several companies, both large and small. His experience includes both Windows and web application development using various technologies and languages including C++, JAVA, C#, Perl, and PHP. A prolific traveler, Daniel has visited dozens of countries around the world and enjoys sharing interesting stories about his many travel experiences.

Daniela Montaperto

Daniela MontapertoGraphic Designer

Daniela brings almost a decade of design experience to her role as Graphic Designer at Emerson Media. In addition to designing websites and interactive web applications, Daniela also specializes in print design and has a particular interest in corporate identity and branding. A big art and culture buff, Daniela loves art museums, film festivals, and good books. She also likes listening to 80s music, which is somewhat confounding — but then again, who can judge?

Ren Kun

Ren KunSenior Software Engineer

Ren has ten years of experience with various software development technologies, including C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript, JAVA, Perl, and Delphi. Ren's eye for detail makes him an invaluable part of the Emerson Media team, and his hands-on knowledge of site architecture, security, and system optimization elevates all of our development projects. Ren really likes listening to rock music, and when he isn't up late coding, he's up late playing the electric guitar.

Forging Ongoing Relationships

Unlike some agencies, we don't leave you high and dry after working on a large project. Instead, we allocate a full 60% of our time to follow-up work, such as graphical upgrades, programming tasks and small modifications. Additionally, our clients can use our home-grown project management system to submit and track their requests. Our commitment to organization and accessibility enables us to be responsive to both your initial project and your ongoing needs.