Systems Integration

Need your website to talk to your payment processor, or part of your intranet to link up with an online document repository? Whether you need to build a web application from scratch or just to modify an existing system, we can help. Our developers have years of experience facilitating the seamless transfer of information between different web-based systems.

How We Do It

Although systems integrations are usually performed in the course of developing a new web application, we’ll occasionally integrate two existing systems together. Here’s the process that we typically follow:

First, we review the external system’s documentation and get their integration code, known as APIs, running on our servers. Enabling different systems to interact with each other isn’t always easy. In many cases, limitations in how the systems can interact and how quickly they can exchange data affect how the web application needs to be designed. To shorten development time, we often make use of our own private library of ready-made code modules that we have used in the past.

Using the knowledge gained in our research, we then plan how to integrate the two systems in a way that’s secure, reliable and user friendly. Depending on the nature of the project, we often develop wireframes – simple line drawings – that define how the system will appear to users. In addition, we develop specifications that describe what API functions to use, and when.

During this time, our engineers perform the actual integration work based on our specifications. The actual work can take anywhere from an hour to several weeks or months, depending on the size of the project and its level of complexity.

Testing and "QA" (quality assurance) are essential parts of any systems integration project. When we’re finished, you will have an application with integrations that are intuitive and seamless for end-users.

Part of the reality of working with external systems is that vendors change them whenever they see fit. Such changes can force web applications that depend on those systems to change as well. We anticipate this, and we’re able to provide ongoing support in case the application breaks or needs to be updated to accommodate a change in an external system’s API.

What We've Done

Here are some of the systems that we have integrated with our clients’ web-based applications:

Business Systems

Sales Force

A popular sales and customer relationship management system. Some of our clients’ websites collect valuable background information about their visitors – such as the pages they visited and the search engine keywords they used to find the site – and send this information to Salesforce whenever someone places an order or fills out an online form.


A high-end customer relationship management application used by many enterprises. We have developed a landing page system that captures and sends lead information to Eloqua in a custom way.


Asigra develops remote data backup & recovery technology. We have integrated systems with Asigra's software to enable users to back up and recover their data in custom ways.

Google Docs

Many of our clients use Google’s suite of office applications, especially Google Spreadsheets, to gather data from web applications that we’ve developed.

Payment / E-Commere


PayPal is a secure global payment processing gateway. We've integrated several systems with PayPal's PayFlow Pro service, which enables customers to easily enter their credit card information directly into the web app, rather than needing to go to PayPal's website.


Braintree Payment Solutions is a secure credit card gateway. We have used Braintree in several of our client projects, including a web application that enables our client to bill large batches of customers on a recurring basis in a secure and PCI-compliant way.


PSiGate is Canada’s premiere credit card gateway. We developed a custom e-commerce website that sends customer payments easily and securely through PSiGate.

Authorize is a secure credit card payment processor. We have integrated several websites with Authorize.Net, enabling our clients to process everything from magazine subscriptions to event ticket sales online using Authorize.Net’s system.