Web Application Support

Even the most well-written web applications need periodic support, maintenance, bug fixes and updates. We can study your web application until we’re veritable experts, draw up a support contract, and be there to rescue your application when something goes awry. We handle support requests at all levels of complexity – be it a few hours to bring your application up to current web standards or a more sophisticated project to resolve outstanding issues and add new features.

Why do things break?

Alas, there are many reasons why web applications need attention. Here are some common causes:

  • New web browsers might not render your application properly, especially if it’s a few years old.
  • Your system might have grown (in terms of data) to the point that your server or database is full, at capacity or needs to be upgraded.
  • If your application is integrated with other systems such as Facebook, changes in these systems often require you to change how your application is integrated with them.
  • The application may contain bugs that are due to mistakes in the code.

Don’t rip your hair out. Just call us.

We’re experts in PHP, MySQL, Javascript & jQuery, Apache and all major flavors of Linux, and have worked on some very messy systems with extremely obscure and tangled code. Please contact us to discuss your needs!