Website Design

To be effective, your website needs to be more than just pretty: It needs to communicate your brand in an engaging way, be easy to use, and provide users with the information they need, when they need it. Most importantly, your website needs to convert visitors into potential customers and partners by motivating them to re-visit and/or sign up for more information or special offers.

Our process:

1. Discovery

Our first step in any design project is to investigate your needs and wants. We’ll speak to all involved parties, gathering necessary background information, and seeing what has been done before. We’ll try to establish realistic goals for the project, investigate who the website’s target audiences will be, and define the project’s budget and scope of work.

We’ll ask for other websites that you like or dislike and use this to inform the direction of the project. We’ll also put together a preliminary “site map” that contains a list of sections and pages that will be on the final website.

Having done this many times before, we know just which questions to ask to ensure the process moves along smoothly.

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Sample websites

Here are some websites that we've designed. You can view more in our portfolio.

Harvard CHDS This center at the Harvard School of Public Health needed a way to showcase their many events, publications and cutting-edge research activities. Learn more »

Storage Guardian This company came to us for a website that can help them promote their various services and generate leads. Learn more »

PennyBackup This remote data backup company wanted an engaging way to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace.
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